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Posted By scenefifty

Are you ready?! If you haven't followed the Battlefield 3 episode trailers, here is the full length version with all three trailer episodes packed in one action packed video "Fault Line." The roll out of advertisements have been already been seen on TV and on websites as the most anticipated game of the year. Check out the video now and see what we're talking about!

For more information go to: Battlefield 3 Website

Posted By scenefifty

Photos by Ryan Razos

What would you do if you have a passion for new and upcoming rides, spare time, $7 and a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone? Easy, check out the 2011 First Hawaiian International Auto Show and do some coverage! Yes, you heard it! This Facebook exclusive coverage was all taken with a mobile phone, all thanks to our correspondent...Ryan! But enough with our blabbering, check out the, go now!

Check out the exclusive photos now on our Facebook page:
Photo coverage at the 2011 First Hawaiian International Auto Show & Others