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Posted By scenefifty

I've seen this commercial on the HDTV the other day and loved it! The hamster hip hop version of Black Sheep's "The Choice is Yours" featuring the new KIA Soul got me rolling lol!

Posted By scenefifty

Article courtesy of Hawaii News Now

People who filed their state taxes early, may be getting their refunds earlier than expected.

Today, it was announced that the Department of Taxation will begin issuing those checks immediately, for people who had their paperwork processed during January and February. That's 43% of the tax filers, equaling about $125 million, or 60% of the claims to date.

The first refunds will be going out to people with automatic deposit on May 21. People without direct deposit will start seeing the checks some time after Friday, May 28.

The state had planned to delay the refunds until early July to offset the budget shortfalls. But now the state says tax revenue collections had improved for the first 10 months of this fiscal year, so the money can be released earlier.