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Posted By scenefifty
This is what happens when you take a can of Rockstar, an itchy feel to play and too much tweak hours playing Battlefield 3.  Shermz go hard! on Recon class in a game of Conquest on the Caspian Border!

Join Shermz in the fight on the XBL Battlefield 3 servers...Gamer tag "STALLPWN3D"

Posted By scenefifty
Here's some unreleased videos from the A-RON files video vault.  This was recorded from Aaron's GoPro helmet cam at the HEPA Soft Opening in Kapolei on March 4, 2012.  Enjoy...and sorry, so serious LOL!

A-RON Video file #UNOS

A-RON Video file #DOS

A-RON Video file #THRES

Posted By scenefifty
The Rekage, Scenefifty and SAPC (Shoot and Pursuit Crew) team spotted at the Hawaii Extreme Paintball and Airsoft Soft Opening on March 4, 2012 in Kapolei, Hawaii.  One of the best days of airsoft play that the team have ever experienced.  So good, it's become a frequent battlefield for us.  Huge field, minimal players on the field, on-the-spot reffing and a plate lunch venue!

"Take one!"...Photo by Kalani Bullard (former co-owner HEPA)

"Defend the truck!"...Photo by Cody Bullard (HEPA)

For more info, check out Hawaii Extreme Paintball and Airsoft at:

Posted By scenefifty
Photos by Ryan Razos

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Photo coverage from the Chance Customs New Years Show Off 2012 at Aloha Stadium