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Posted By scenefifty

Article courtesy of Yahoo Sports

The UFC absorbed its lower-weight World Extreme Cagefighting promotion on Thursday, adding two championship belts and about 70 fighters to mixed martial arts’ dominant promotion.

UFC president Dana White is eager to showcase the WEC’s fighters at 155 pounds and under to a larger audience on the UFC’s higher-profile shows, putting every fighter under contract to the UFC’s parent company under a single banner.

“What’s exciting for these lighter-weight guys, they’re finally on the biggest stage in the world now,” White said. “A lot of people haven’t seen the lighter guys, and when we move these guys up into the UFC, I think people are going to be glad to see them.”

The merger will happen gradually in 2011, with every WEC employee moving over to work for the UFC, which has more than 200 fighters under contract.

“It’s always been our goal to have every weight class,” White said. “We’re looking at taking everybody in right now. We like to have those divisions deep. We’ll be bringing in more guys, too.”

Jose Aldo, the WEC’s dominant 145-pound champion, will be recognized as the UFC featherweight champ, while WEC 135-pound champion Dominick Cruz will fight Scott Jorgensen on Dec. 16 for the new UFC bantamweight title. WEC lightweight champion Ben Henderson will fight the winner of UFC 155-pound champ Frankie Edgar’s Jan. 1 bout with Gray Maynard.

The UFC bought the WEC in December 2006 and ran it as a separate promotion, eliminating two higher-weight WEC belts in December 2008 but keeping overlapping lightweight titles. While the UFC does roughly one pay-per-view show per month, the WEC concentrated on lower-profile regional shows typically aired on the Versus channel, doing just one pay-per-view show.

White also announced the UFC will add four fight cards to Versus next year, but the elimination of the WEC actually reduces the number of free fights on cable television in 2011.

The UFC’s non-pay-per-view shows air on Spike TV.

White cited MMA’s continuing globalization as a prime reason behind the move. The UFC is attempting to put on shows in India, China and Mexico, and it hopes to attract the attention of those countries’ fans and smaller fighters alike by presenting a single competitive league.

“Everybody wanted this to happen for the last couple of years now, but it was a timing thing,” White said. “As we start to open up these other markets and start to do these things, it was time.”

Aldo, the Brazilian featherweight champion, arguably is the WEC’s top fighter. He has won 11 straight bouts, including eight in a row since joining the WEC in June 2008.

The WEC’s biggest star in recent years has been Urijah Faber, the former featherweight champion who draws huge crowds to his West Coast fights. Faber is scheduled to make his bantamweight debut against Takeya Mizagaki next month, headlining the penultimate WEC show.

Posted By scenefifty
Yes, it happens to all of us. If you're a car owner, it can happen to you too. As you glance at your car, you notice a yellowish-hazy film beginning to constrict the life out of your headlights. Well, there is a solution for that and we had to try it out for ourselves. Enter...the 3M Headlight Restoration Kit!

Some of us like the challenge of DIY or "Do It Yourself" because it's cheap and effective. In this review, we'll just show you how effective this product is. I've had the perfect time to try it on my Civic which you can see, the headlights have formed that yellowish, crusty, haze of ugliness.

The kit comes with everything you need to bring out the new again enough for two headlights, all you need is a power drill that supports 1200 - 1600 rpms. It also comes with instructions easy enough to understand to get you through your DIY journey. Process is pretty much...sand, sand again, sand once more, buff and wipe off...easy as pie! As you can see, after completing one headlight you can absolutely see the difference.

Perfecto! After two more rounds of buffing with the rubbing compound, I wiped the excess off and the final results were amazing! Headlights were like new again and the haze blocking the light were gone, giving more clarity driving at night. With the HIDs, it looked good!

I highly recommend this product if you want to save money from going to auto detailers who charge you around $30 per headlight. In the long run, we'll see how good this product keeps it's longevity but I can guarantee you that your headlights will be looking good for a longer period of time.

Get it now at Carquest or any local auto retailer!

Posted By scenefifty

"...It was a surreal feeling to be sitting in front of a drag strip once again and the anticipation building as the race vehicles lined up in the staging lanes. Mini dragsters, dirt bikes, ATVs, trucks and heavily modified race cars took the stage that day as the driver made their passes through the sand filled drag strips. It was a beautiful day indeed as history was made bringing in more than over 4000 spectators to witness the inauguration. Put the pedal to the metal as the next events line-up has already been announced for Kalaeloa Raceway Park!..."

Photo coverage at the KRP Sand Drags Test N' Tune September 16, 2010