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Posted By scenefifty

Photos by Aaron Picazo

After a few huge airsoft events held by Epowersports at Kualoa Ranch, a final Gang Bang event for 2011 has been held on July 17. With a total of over 200+ players taking the field for the final time, it was a game to remember. It was also the first (but not the last) big airsoft event for the SCENEFIFTY crew together. It was an awesome outcome where not only the players had to dodge bb's, but also a cow, poop and falling trees...LOL! There were also a gatling gun, death squads and Wild Bean Espresso! It was a day to remember!

Check out the exclusive throwback photos now on our Facebook page:
Photo coverage at Gang Bang 2011 at Kualoa Ranch

Posted By scenefifty

With a mindset of building knowledge and talent, Ryan took a whole lot of scratch building materials, parts, tools, Macgyver skills and time to build a DIY slider rig for a video camera.

At first glimpse you would think it was professionally manufactured...think again. It was professionally hand. We won't go into detail on how to build one but we could give you one great advice. Use your imagination! Check out the sample clips in action below:

The Dos-R DIY camera rig on Mr. Cholo:

The Dos-R DIY camera rig on Four Loko:

Posted By scenefifty
Congratulations to the guys over at Team Foreign Objects for a huge clean sweep in the "Import/Euro" class at the Supremacy Car Club 13th Annual Food Drive & Show N' Shine held at Keehi Lagoon Park on March 27, 2011.

The trophies standing by to be given out. And yes, the crew went the extra mile to be the title sponsors for the "Import/Euro" class for this event.

Congrats once again to Gonz, Jeff, Jesse and their Volkswagens! Check them out and the rest of the TFO808 crew at