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Posted By scenefifty

A California based developer has signed a deal with BJ to open a UFC Gym in Honolulu, the 4th UFC Gym and first outside of California.

New Evolution Ventures is opening the gym in partnership with UFC and BJ Penn. The Hawaii gym will open in January at the former Pipeline Cafe in Kakaako.The BJ Penn-UFC Gym will be a fitness club integrated with elements of mixed martial arts training. The Honolulu gym will also the first UFC Gym affiliated with a fighter.

BJ said "I'm very excited to be part of this tremendous opportunity. It will be such an honor to have UFC Gym with my name, especially in my homeland of Hawaii.

Dana White said he expects the gym to become the ultimate fitness club in Honolulu. BJ is the biggest superstar in the UFC, a future Hall of Famer, and a icon in the state of Hawaii.

The gym will also include traditional health clubs such as yoga,Pilates, and Zumba in addition to weight machines and cardio machines.

BJ will help design the gym, select trainers, and pick some favorite foods for the cafe menu. BJ is expected to also train at the gym.

Reported by Tribune-Herald via

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